Rules of use and security

Rules of use and security

For your pleasure and safety, we would be grateful if you would observe a few rules.
Misuse of the facilities will result in the immediate cancellation of the right of entry (exclusion) and relieve Les Thermes de Spa of any responsibility.

Miscellaneous services (enquire at reception) :


Please maintain silence throughout the centre, especially in the rest and relaxation areas, the hammams and saunas.

Pool Monitors

They are there to keep an eye on the baths in particular. They are also authorised to ensure compliance with these rules, primarily for your safety but also for you comfort and well-being.

Bathsuits allowed in our complex

For hygiene reasons we accept for men :

  • Swim briefs,
  • Swimm trunks.

Are forbidden :

  • Bermuda and board shorts (lengh must be min 10 cm above the knee)
  • T-shirt
  • String
  • Trousers
  • Underwears
  • Headgear

For hygiene reasons we accept for women:

  • Swimsuit (short – above the knee and no long sleeves)
  • Bikinis

Are forbidden :

  • Trousers (even if swimwear)
  • Skirt
  • T-shirt
  • String
  • Underwears
  • Burkini and veil

The entire Centre is « non smoking » except for an area reserved for this purpose on the outside deck and, in summer, the outside terrace of the restaurant bar “Panoramic 325“.


Children are not admitted to the Spa. Access is only possible from the age of 15.


It is recommended that anyone with a history of cardio-vascular ailments seek advice from his or her doctor before availing themselves of our facilities, first and foremost the saunas.

Conduct in the Thermes and the bathing area
No running. No jumping. No diving.

You must shower before entering the baths.

Bare feet / footwear

The cubicles, changing rooms differentiate barefoot and footwear areas.
Please respect this hygiene measure at all costs.
Walking barefoot.
To avoid slipping, take care when walking because the floor is wet in a number of areas.
We recommend you to use the bannisters.
The wearing of personal sandals in the baths is not allowed.
It is intended and requested that only slippers be worn in the Institut which haswooden floors.

The entrance wristband allows you to access the changing rooms and close your locker. This wristband keeps track of the length of time spent in the Centre, once you pass through the entrance turnstile.
Your wristband will be recovered upon check-out by the exit turnstile.
The entrance ticket you receive at the same time as the wristband must be retained until you leave. Our team may ask you for it if there is a problem with your counter.
Once you have changed in a cubicle, which you must leave barefoot, you store your belongings in locker using your wristband. Don’t forget the number of your locker!
Should you lose your wristband you must immediately report to reception with your receipt to have this wristband « blocked ». If you do not do so, you will be charged €20.
The wristband is also a purse. This means that you can buy a drink at the pool side bar, reserve and purchase a treatment or any extras without having money with you.
You are required to settle the outstanding balance before leaving using the automatic pay machine located near the reception with the help of the reception staff if necessary.
Picnics are not permitted either inside the baths or on the outside deck areas.
Shop (welcome desk)

It offers :
-Sale of swimwear and non-slip slippers.
-Sale of Sothys beauty products.
-Sale and hire of bathrobes and towels depending on availability.