Your first visit ?

Your first visit ?

Your first visit? Here is a list of the most common questions you may ask and their answers.
What are the opening hours of the Thermes of Spa ?

Open every day.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday :
9.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Friday :
9.00 am to 10:00 pm.

Sunday :
9:00 to 8:00 pm.

How much is the admission fee to the Thermes of Spa ?

3 hours access : € 32.00

Full day access :
€ 45.00 (only possible during the midweek – Outside school and public holidays)

More details about our admission fees, click here

What is included in the price of bath admission fee ?
An entry to Thermes de Spa includes access to 800 m² of indoor and outdoor baths, saunas, hammams, relaxation areas (wood light and infrared), without forgetting the various daily activities. (Aquagym, ceremonies, etc..).

Is the practice of the saunas and hammams naked ?

The Thermes of Spa have a nudist area and a textile space each comprising a sauna and steam room.

You have the choice …

Is there a parking place ?

We have a private car park accessible during the opening hours :
€ 3.00 € for the day
€ 2.00 for half day.

What should I pack for my visit to the Thermes ?

You should foresee:

  • a swimsuit (also on sale at the price of € 25.00 for women and € 20.00 for men Eur)
  • bath towels (required for use of the sauna); also for rent at € 3.00
  • optionally bathrobe; also for rent at € 8.00 (upon availability) Included when you have treatments reserved.
  • the accessories you need for the shower.

To sell, we also propose our toweling line:

  • Bathrobe: € 60.00 – 100×150 Towel: € 25.00
  • Our changing rooms are equipped with hairdryer.
Can I take my flip flops or slippers at the Thermes ?

No, for hygiene reasons, wearing your own flip flops or slippers is prohibited throughout the center.
For people who have access to treatments space, slippers are offered for an exclusive use in that area. They must be removed outside.

Are children allowed ?

Children are only accepted from the age of 15. y.o.

What is the first thing to do before entering the baths ?

For hygiene reasons, it is essential to take a shower before entering the baths as soon as you are changed with your bathsuit.
The passage in footbaths is also essential.

What bathsuits are allowed at the Thermes ?

For hygiene reasons we accept for men :

  • Swim briefs,
  • Swim trunks.

Are forbidden :

  • Bermuda and board shorts (lengh must be min 10 cm above the knee)
  • T-shirt
  • String
  • Trousers
  • Underwears
  • Headgear

For hygiene reasons we accept for women:

  • Swimsuit (short, above the knee, no long sleeves)
  • Bikinis

Are forbidden :

  • Trousers (even if swimwear)
  • Skirt
  • T-shirt
  • String
  • Underwears
  • Burkini and veil
Do I need to book before coming to the thermes ?

Prior reservation is strongly advised before planning any visit to our thermes.

We strongly recommend to book individual treatments in advance a few days before your visit as are always subject to availability.

If you didn’t book beforehand, you can always ask our reception staff. Our hostesses will check and propose you the last minute availabilities.

Can I keep my glasses inside the center ?

You can of course keep your glasses in the center.
However, specific glasses holders are located in front of each sauna. Due to the high temperatures inside saunas as well as humidity prevailing in the hammam, we advise you to remove your glasses before entering. This will prevent damages.

Am I allowed to take pictures ?

We ask you, for the respect of everyone, not to take photos in the whole Spa.
To energize and enjoy 100% relaxation, we invite you to offer your cellphone a little break and not to take it with you.

Is there WIFI in the Thermes ?

No, to energize and enjoy 100% relaxation, we invite you to log out completely during your visit.

Can I take a bag with me inside the Thermes ?

We recommend that you carry only the bare minimum within the Spa.

Your bracelet serves as your wallet during your stay with us for your possible consumption; so there is no need to keep your bag with you.

Picnics and personal drinks are not allowed in the center.

How to behave inside the Thermes ?

The thermes are intended as a place of relaxation. For the respect of each and for security reasons, do not run, do not jump and do not dive.
It is customary to speak quietly around the center.
Moreover, absolute silence must be observed in the sauna, hammam, relaxation and rest areas.

Is there a restaurant on site ?
Brasserie “Panoramic 325”

A brasserie is open on the baths side and dry side.

The outdoor terrace with panoramic view on the town of Spa is also accessible.

The choice through a menu of light dishes, served on the baths side during your stay or as a stop during your walk on the Balmoral touristic trail.

Picnics and personal drinks are not allowed in the center.

Lunch space “A l’Heure de la Bouche”

A lunch buffet with fresh and inventive flavors is also available on the 2nd floor of the tratments area.
The buffet formula includes soup, cold buffet, dessert, water and coffee: € 30.00 per person.
Reservations required.