Practice infos

Practice infos

All you need to know for your visit…
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Drop in unannounced or book?

PRIOR RESERVATION IS STRONGLY ADVISED for access to the baths and wellness areas. You can still enter without booking, but on busy days you may be refused access.

Time you should allow before an appointment or treatment
Our advice : plan to arrive at Les Thermes a little early. You can then get changed at your leisure.
Please be at the location of your scheduled treatment at least 5 minutes early. If you are late, your place may be taken by another spa client, you risk losing your scheduled treatment.
Cancelling or changing an appointment

We would be grateful if you would notify us urgently of any postponement or cancellation of your reservation in the event you are unable to attend.

  • Up until 48 hours before the date the services are to be rendered, it is possible to amend or cancel the reservation without any charge.
  • For any cancellation within 48 hours of the scheduled date of services, any change or cancellation shall be liable to a charge equivalent to 100% of the cancellation value.
Overstaying your time on the premises
If you exceed the time set aside for your à la carte treatments (for example, 3 hours access to the baths), you will be asked to pay a supplement upon leaving the premises. 4 Euros for each half hour overstayed
If you reserved treatments during this 3 hour period, the treatment time will be added (for example, 3 hrs access + carbonated thermal spring bath = access granted for 3½ hrs).
Medical consultation, therapist advice

You can consult our staff for a professional opinion. Please note however that certain treatments require a medical opinion in advance. These will be identified when taking your reservation.

Organising your time
After passing through the changing rooms, you can proceed to our Institute to pick up your detailed schedule with the treatment timetable.
If you have selected admission to the baths, you can go straight there or else via a restaurant area.
Bathrobe and slippers
As far as the therapies are concerned, to make your stay as comfortable as possible, the hospitality team will provide you with :
• a bathrobe against provision of means of identity
• slippers to be used in the centre’s therapy areas
You pick them up in the morning and hand them back in the evening. That way, they are changed daily.
The entire bath and swimming pool area is « barefoot » only. Les Thermes maintain hygiene through regular disinfection.
You can use the slippers provided by the hospitality staff in the treatment areas.
Items to remember
For everyone :
pack swimwear (short), a bathing cap (optional), swimming goggles (optional), one or more bath towels, a bag to carry all this in, not forgetting any prescription glasses, a magazine if you like or a good book you may want to enjoy, your sunglasses depending on the time of year and weather or walking shoes or boots to take advantage of the surrounding forest or after your visit to the thermal center.
Complusory shower
For everyone :
– before entering the baths (upon your arrival and after any time spent out of the baths)
– after use of the saunas and/or hammam
– after any therapy administered in the therapy area
Every time to enter to the baths you must also walk through the foot baths.
Changing room / Locker
Located in the area adjacent to the entrance they enable you to change so that you can move around the complex.
A closed locker is provided for your use. You can put your personal effects in it. It is securely locked by the wristband you will be given on your arrival.
You must empty your locker when you leave. Even if you have opted for a 3 or 5 day therapy, you must empty your changing room locker each day. This is for safety and hygiene reasons and to enable the cleaning team to gain access to it.
You will be handed a wristband upon completion of the reception formalities. You will retain it for the entire duration of your stay. It is programmed when you pass through the entrance and exit turnstile.
It opens doors in the centre. It ensures your clothing locker is kept safely shut. It acts as a purse for minor purchases you may want to make on the premises. your drinks, snacks or meals, additional treatments, beauty products…
To pay for the amounts you have spent, you can use the automatic pay machine located outside the changing room area near the reception.
Lost wristband
As soon as you realise it has been lost you must contact the reception staff. The wristband has to be remotely deactivated to avoid expenses being charged to it.
You will be asked to pay a € 5.00 penalty. If the loss is not reported, this penalty will increase to € 20.00.
Indoor rules
The general terms and conditions governing access to Les Thermes de Spa and the use of its facilities are displayed at the entrance to the main changing room.
Here are the salient points :
  • the establishment is a no smoking area. Smoking is prohibited within the precincts of Les Thermes de Spa. A waiver has been granted for part of the outdoor terrace of the baths.
  • children are admitted from the age of 15 onwards.
    Hospitality staff can request proof of identity in case in doubt. If proof of identity cannot be provided and the doubt persists, access to the establishment may be denied.
    In this event, the Thermes of Spa reserves the right to cancel without reimbursement therapies for individuals accompanied by young children not eligible for admission to the centre.
  • animals are not permitted in the centre