The beginning of the year often rhymes with good resolutions. Perhaps you can enjoy a few days off just for you to take stock of how to approach this new year with new energy?

Eat balanced: Well-being is also about pleasures of the mouth but have you questioned your body recently? Do you feel light, heavy, dynamic?

So many feelings that should give you information on the balance of your diet … Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables?

It is always easy to say that we must avoid too rich, too salty or too sweet dishes to avoid overweight…

Easier said than done … But why not having a try to change or take the time to change? Try new compositions, new foods, new tastes, new flavors, different textures …


Drink, drink …:

The benefits of water are well established. It may be time to ask yourself this question: Do you drink enough water? Dehydration is one of the main factors of tiredness during the day. Yes, water provides vitality! A glass of water counteracts the feeling of hunger during the night for almost 100% of people on the diet. 8 to 10 glasses of water a day could significantly relieve from back and joint pain for 80% of people who suffer from these ailments. Water is the garbage truck of the body!

Drinking water allows the cells to absorb the nutrients provided by the diet and to evacuate the waste resulting from the metabolism. Thus, a balanced diet is inseparable from good hydration. Water and nutrients are the two main foods of our cells.


Lets’s move !! First and foremost, find an activity that suits you and fits you so that you can practice it easily and regularly.

Exercising should not mean hurting yourself, but having fun. Being in contact with nature, breathing fresh air, disconnecting from everyday stress; so many motivating reasons to get started.

The beneficial effects are important: reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, aging … Increased life expectancy, better oxygenation of tissues (for a more beautiful complexion), elimination of calories, muscle strengthening …

Start with a program adapted to your abilities and make it evolve as your fitness improves …


Breathe deeply : It is more and more difficult to take time for yourself. Are you stressed, anxious, nervous, exhausted, tired, impatient?

A little test: close your eyes in a quiet place. For a minute, think only of your breathing; inhale and exhale deeply … then observe your state …

There are different ways to integrate deep breathing into our lives.

For example, yoga, meditation and relaxation are effective methods for practicing deep breathing. You can also have the pleasure of doing it in the comfort of your own home, even in your bed.

Just add it to your schedule just like you would for an important appointment. The rhythm and intensity of your breathing directly affect your state of mind and your physical health.

It is through breathing that we oxygenate our body. No breathing, no energy, no life!

Sleep well :

Sleep contributes greatly to your good physical and mental health. A well-rested brain allows for better concentration, increases the ability to solve problems and make decisions, improves memory …

These faculties act directly on the level of stress by allowing the necessary retreat while increasing energy and good mood!

For a good sleep, organize your schedule. Do not eat too late and opt for a balanced diet to help you fall asleep. Avoid alcohol as much as possible before sleeping.

Take care of yourself : Give yourself just moments to allow you to focus on yourself. Meditation, mindfulness exercise, yoga… Listen to your body and mind put all your senses in alert …

Treat yourself to a well-being parenthesis and pamper yourself. Body care and wraparound massages to release tensions, face care to take care of your skin and preserve your youth & health capital, let expert hands take care of you …

Laugh :

From sunrise to sunset; laugh!

The smile costs nothing and is communicative; it can only rub off on your surroundings.

Meet funny people who opt for “life on the right side”. Approach life in a good mood, problems will suddenly become less important. Watch comedies regularly, share positive stories.