SOTHYS Partnership
SOTHYS Partnership
Sothys, a world of extremely refined emotions and sensuality, a legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty institutes and spas all over the world

The same passion for perfection and the same quest for absolute beauty revealed to women and men through well-being and effectiveness for 70 years.
A highly specialised brand, Sothys has always stood out with its extraordinary commitment to research and innovation. It claims its place as an avant-garde beauty expert.
It is the creator of Digi-Esthétique®, an exclusive massage method, that – with the essential partnership of beauticians – helps transform the institute treatment into an unforgettable sensorial experience.

The Sothys Universe

A complete care range in line with contemporary expectations of beauty and well-being.

Face Care, Body Care, Sun Care, Prestige Care, Make-up, Men’s Care.

Responding to all skin problems in a targeted way, offering complete sophisticated programmes and new concepts for more and more effectiveness, benefits and well-being…

Sothys products always combine sensoriality and pleasure, through finely developed fragrances and textures, with effectiveness.

Access to the shop

Synergic beauty programmes: highly sophisticated treatment procedures backed by high-performance home skincare.

The effectiveness of Sothys treatments is based on the complementary nature of highly sophisticated beauty institute treatments and skincare for daily home use to prolong the effects.

A precise diagnosis for a customised prescription.

As part of the approach to absolute beauty, accompaniment and follow-up, this procedure ensures optimised results for even greater satisfaction and well-being.

Spa, its water, its thermes, Sothys …
Ferruginous and naturally carbonated water as well as very weakly mineralized waters arise in Spa, Belgium.

Since the sixteenth century, this city has made this wealth in the basement a lucrative business, exporting its waters throughout Europe and attracting curists for the benefits of its carbonated baths and Peat baths.

During the second half of the nineteenth century, Spa adopts a thermal infrastructure.

In 1868, the Thermes of Spa are constructed downtown, equipped with 54 tubs whose operation will be granted in 1921 to the company Spa Monopole, also concessionaire of the exploitation of the waters of Spa.

The city obtains leisure facilities and games and becomes a worldly place prized by European aristocracy.

Rethink and rebuilt on the heights of Spa in 2003, the Thermes of Spa are inaugurated in spring 2004.

Spa Monopole entrusted the operation of the center to the French group Eurothermes.

Today, this site combines the traditional thermalism (peat bath, balneotherapy treatments, the benefits from the consumption of water …) and the actual well-being with its relaxation or fitness programs and its beauty treatments.

Approximately 175,000 people visit the site each year.

The 60 private treatment boths of the center “Health, wellness and beauty” welcome the public for balneotherapy treatments, massages and SOTHYS beauty treatments.

Since 2003, the SOTHYS company concluded with the operator of the spa water, a partnership to design an exclusive range in its formulations incorporating this raw material. In total four references that integrates the virtues of the Spa Marie-Henriette water.

In 2005, Eurothermes have also chosen the SOTHYS brand to assist them in the integration of beauty treatments in their other French and Swiss sites.

Les Thermes de Spa are now among the most prestigious 600 depository institutions, partners of the Belgian distributor of SOTHYS.